Virtual Academy MOOC


Imagine if your learners could simply go online and choose a course to deliver to their specific learning objectives?

Conceived, designed, developed and deployed by i-Context, Virtual Academy MOOC provides your students with just that! It is an exclusive course delivery and live training platform that provides an inexpensive and approachable learning experience to students and lectures/instructors to connect to virtual trainings and create new skills, career development and bring quality educational experiences all in the same learning sessions as they would in a normal classroom from anywhere in the world.

Eliminating all traditional barriers and beliefs regarding learning and development such as, wealth, remoteness and lack of infrastructure, Virtual Academy MOOC has overcome barriers of distance learning systems used throughout the world and provides a robust, reliable, responsive and fully fledged online learning platform with an opportunity to qualify, improve, and teach your students with the highest-quality courses globally available.

Currently Virtual Academy MOOC is been used by various educational institutes in Sri Lanka. Virtual Academy MOOC platform is uniquely built for globally accessible content delivery and learning. Virtual Academy MOOC is a fully responsive solution which you can access via multiple devices such as PC’s Tablet’s or even Smart Phones. With Virtual Academy MOOC we have created an interesting learning environment that really works. Virtual Academy MOOC continues to explore new frontiers of knowledge and matches it with the dynamic needs of global markets.

This sums up the end to end process of online training from course registration to certification. Virtual Academy MOOC at present supports linear learning and combines assessments, reporting, and course creation and management tools in an online platform — eliminating the need for attending physical classes and printed booklets & testing. It serves thousands of students through standards-based assessments that meet benchmarking and formative assessment goals. It also equips lectures/instructors with quality resources and detailed reports that support classroom instruction. Virtual Academy MOOC solution caters to a spectrum of verticals including K12 or school education, higher education institutes such as universities, continuing professional development bodies and vocational education institutes and private education.


Key Features

Dynamic Course Content

Change the Course Content any time depends on the student’s output or any other factor.

User Management

Users can be created, assigned roles, assigned to nodes, edited, deactivated or removed. Users can be created in bulk by populating user information in an Excel template.

Content Management & Search

Videos and SCORM courses can be uploaded as Learning Resources. Courses can be created using the uploaded Videos and SCORM Packages.


The Responsive UI of our LMS supports you anytime, anywhere on any device. LMS can be accessed through a desktop, tablet or even a smart phone.

Learner portal

The Learner Dashboard provides a summary of the progress and other activities of the learner on LMS to the learner.

Course Catalog

Learners can check what courses are assigned to them and get the important details at first glance.


Learners can face online examinations consisting of MCQ, Exact Match, True/ False and Structured Answer questions. Assessments can be automatically marked or marked by an instructor.


The e-learning Administrator can create assignments for learners which need to be completed and submitted through the system by leaners within the stipulated time period. The e-learning Administrator will evaluate the assignments and release the results.

Social Learning

Learners can interact with their peers and instructors informally by way of chats, blogs, forums and Wikis to share ideas and learning resources in the form of documents (MS Word, PDF etc.), images, videos or animations and learn collaboratively.

Course Authoring

e-learning courses and assessments can be created and published on LMS. Text, images, videos, web pages or YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, learning reinforcements can be used to build courses.

Advanced Tracking & Reporting

Comprehensive standard as well as custom reports can be generated. This provides e-learning Administrators all information needed to track manage learning & development activities.


Learners can be offered multiple payment options to choose the most convenient one for them.

Online Certificate

Issue an electronic certificate with corporate/ institutional branding to learners on the completion of a course or success of an examination.

Admin Panel

Have total control over employee online training and development with comprehensive Administrator capabilities.

Rate & Review

Learners can rate courses as well as write reviews on them. In a public course marketplace learners can view course ratings and review in order to get an understanding about the course before purchasing the course.


LMS can be made available in any Unicode supported language.

Live Learning

Integrate with video conferencing solutions or lecture capturing systems to support blended and Live learning sessions.
Live learning sessions can be scheduled, conducted and recorded for a geographically scattered audience.

Course Market Place

Easily sell your courses online using the Course Market Place.

Micro learning

We have a mobile application for Micro learning. Learning capsules can be authored on LMS and delivered via the mobile app. Each learning capsule will cover a learning objective of a larger course.

Permissions Management

Users can be granted or denied permissions at a very granular level

Organization Management

Build the organization in a way most suited to deliver and administer Training & Development.

Exam Builder

Exams can be created with desired parameters such as randomized or fixed questions, duration, timeframe within which the exam will be available, visibility of answer sheet after exams, issuing of certificate on success, question pools etc.


Our products can easily be integrated with other systems in an organization such as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), ERP, payment gateways or video conferencing systems