i-Reach Microlearning Mobile App


With the enhancement of technology and devices, mobile has become the new game changer for businesses and people alike. The widespread use of mobile devices and apps prove that snippets of information is what really stick in our memory in today’s information overload.

With researchers saying that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, we will see the greatest transfer of knowledge hence a transfer in their learning behavior. You watch videos, search retailers, buy products online, and check your emails and social media accounts several times a day. Everything comes into your brain very quickly, and it comes in small pieces.

With i-Reach learning, we reach our learners in a way that is most comfortable and natural for them – Content is broken into its most essential points delivered in short bursts or chunks, available through apps and mobile devices, which allow you to build knowledge in small steps whenever or wherever it’s most convenient.
i-Reach Application is a learning app for every corporate, especially the 80% of the global workforce that do not sit at a desk.

The application provides one space for communications, HR and line of business leader’s to simultaneously plan, create, publish and measure internal communications and get relevant information to every employee, no matter how hard they may be to reach. Along with the fast paced trends in the world learning also keeps rapidly changing. Further, employees are able to complete training without impacting the daily workflow and improve in their work at the same time.

Our system can blend into your organizational ecosystem as we have a set of APIs for integration between heterogeneous systems such as email, HRIS systems, Active Directory, Video Conferencing, etc.


Key Features

Multi-Platform Support

Our application supports any Apple or Android device.


User should be able to view the newsletters and posts in his timeline.

News Announcements

Users should be able to view the items (posts, newsletters, videos) in a grid view or as a list view.

Admin Panel

Admin should be able to restrict the sharing facility to certain posts.

User Comments

Users should be able to post comments to certain photos and newsletters.

User Engagements

Users should be able to view the course progress along with the badges and medals awarded by the system on his dashboard.


Admin should be able to authorize the comments from the employees before it publish for each posts.


The e-Learning Administrator can create assignments for learners which need to be completed and submitted through the system by leaners within the stipulated time period. The e-Learning Administrator will evaluate the assignments and release the results.


Admin should be able publish newsletters and special announcements via mobile app to a target audience (newsletter could be in the form of PDF, photos, text).


Admin should be able to view the statistics for the posts (likes, dislikes, number of comments for a particular post).

Message Central

Finally admin wanted to see the status of the notifications which sent to users.


Our APIs allow you to easily make different software components interact with your i-Reach Mobile platform through a generated token.