i-Context’s response to COVID-19

Ensuring employee safety and business continuity with resilience, determination and compassion

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Virtual Academy Cloud

Deliver learning material and corporate training with no additional cost in infrastructure.

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Virtual Academy MOOC

Go online and choose a course to deliver your own specific learning objectives!

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State-of-the-art corporate e-learning specially designed to help you reach to the heights of your dreams!

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Bite size learning capsules delivered in short bursts or chunks for learners on-the-go!

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Who We Are?

i-Context is a Learning Management Solution that is redefining the corporate learning experience by putting training in the flow of work.

Why we are special?

We are a 12 year old company who provides state of the art
e-learning ecosystems under one roof. Our expertise include Cloud Ptatforms, Microlearning and Content Creation.

Virtual Academy Cloud administrates, delivers and tracks e-learning activities of the employees with a click of a button. Virtual Academy MOOC is an exclusive course delivery and live training platform that provides an inexpensive and approachable learning experience.

EduPrep identifies you for your uniqueness and designs content to help your employees bring your organization to the heights that you dream of.

Today's active learners have a need for speed. Our Micro Learning App ‘i-Reach’ gives learners the information they want, the connections they crave, and the personalization they demand, on the go.

i-Context offers the best online training

Solutions & Services

Virtual Academy Cloud

An Enterprise e-learning platform that allows you to deliver learning material and corporate training to your employees with zero cost in infrastructure.

Virtual Academy MOOC

Virtual Academy MOOC provides your learners with an exclusive content delivery and live training platform where they could simply go online and choose a course to deliver to their specific learning objectives.


We can create a state-of-the-art corporate e-learning program that is specially designed to help your employees bring your organization to the heights that you dream of.

i-Reach Microlearning App

Content is provided as bite size learning capsules with the most essential points delivered in short bursts or chunks, available through the app on any mobile devices.

i-Context brings you the best online training solutions!
So, train, measure results and drive growth!

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i-Context (Pvt) Ltd, was awarded a contract to develop an integrated eLearning Platform for the government officials of Sri Lanka in 2016 which they completed the development in 2019 and currently being maintained by them under the guidance of Information & Communications Technology Agency (ICTA). In addition, they have developed digital content in three languages (Sinhala, Tamil, English) for five courses with the consultative support of subject matter experts in government organizations and ICTA.

Sameera Jayawardena
Head of Transformation
ICT Agency of Sri Lanka

i-Context (Private) Limited is the service provider of the eLearning platform for the Ministry of Health project that Mobitel has implemented

Namal Ratnayake
Senior General Manager - Legal, Regulatory Affairs & NII

We decided to partner with i-Context to offer e-learning solutions on AKAZA, the national cloud and chose i-Context because of its e-learning solution being fully-fledged and offers solutions that captures the entire spectrum of online learning from enrollment to certification to e-;earning content development services to the market. They developed a custom-built software solution which has made its way through many versions to suit customers evolving requirements to offer corporate and training institutes at very competitive prices.

M.I. Deen
General Manager - Enterprise Solutions
SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom)

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