Modern Problems require modern solutions that go beyond the know-hows of traditional tackles. With our ‘EduPrep Services’ we are equipped to develop e-learning experiences that best suit your employee’s learning needs and your company culture. With over 10 years of professional experience in content services, EduPrep brings a mature process by laying emphasis on ADDIE, Keller’s ARCS cmodel, Gagne’s Nine Instructional Events, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the famous Dale’s Cone of Experience.

We offer cloud based e-learning solutions that will facilitate your organization’s management, delivery, and measurement of training. In other words, a state-of-the-art corporate cloud e-learning solution that is specially designed to help your employees bring your organization to the heights that you dream of.

Why Choose EduPrep?

Digital technologies have changed our way of life, ways of communication, way of thinking, feelings, and channels of influence on other people, social skills, and social behavior. That is why we develop our e-learning courses based on these changes keeping up with your employee pace.

Our team will work together with you to identify training gaps in your organization and customize the training content best suited for your requirements. We create shorter learning sessions to ensure employee engagement remains unbroken. Our elegantly simplistic design encourage trainees to stick till the end.

When it comes to your organization's needs, we'll design a custom eLearning solution that will engage learners, improve performance, and deliver results. We analyze your development needs and key characteristics of your audience and then create a roadmap for learning. We believe eLearning development should be customized to fit, and custom eLearning solutions should work for you, not the other way around.


Optimized, Custom Content Development – We identify you for your uniqueness and that is why we create learning solutions specially designed to cater to your requirement as it plays an important role in increasing efficiency, ensuring maximum optimization of resources at hand, & cutting down unwarranted wastage of your organization.

Seamless Responsive Learning – With each passing year, work trends are shifting and so are learning trends. We at i-Context try to keep up with your pace and create courses that are responsive to multiple devices. In simpler terms, e-learning course that are compatible with laptops, PCs, iPads or smartphones whichever your employees prefer.

Specialized Instructional Design – We excel in systematically developing courses using learning and instructional theories to ensure the quality of your course. We analyze the learning needs and goals an identify the skills, knowledge, and the attitude gaps of your employees to create the best learning experience that close this gap.

Interactive Animations – In this era of technology driven people, it is vital to keep up with the learner’s interests. Using animations ensure that learners will best grasp a complicated string of steps as it helps transform a vague idea into an image in their brains.

Multi Lingual – With the expansion of workplaces, we realize the need for multi-linguistic and culturally appropriate courses to cater to learners across the globe. Our courses offer precise translation to create learning solutions that connect better with every learner.

Five Product Tiers of EduPrep

  • Tier 01 – Bronze

    This is the first phase of your customized e-learning platform. This will build basic awareness in the learner. It includes basic images, simple animations, rollovers, simple decision trees and simple quizzes. It is optional to have a voice over. Interactivities are primarily used for knowledge checking and assessments (20-25 Slides).

  • Tier 02 – Silver

    This level will provide the learner a control over their training modules (Limited interactivity). It contains richer multimedia elements, enabling learners to demonstrate knowledge of the material after taking the course. Interactivities are used to teach content and for knowledge checks and assessments. (18-20 Slides)

  • Tier 03 – Gold

    This level will have high degree of interactivities and customization. It enables learners to apply the knowledge and skills (application) acquired by taking the eLearning course. The tier contains high level animated videos, multi-screen scenario based cases, complex simulations, transitions and audio. It also prepares the learner to utilize cognitive skills into real-life or work-related situations.

  • Tier 04 – Platinum

    Brings a high degree of interactivity; Extensive branching (four or more levels). Courseware in this level involves more in-depth recall of a larger amount of information (compared to lower categories/levels) & allows the user an increased level of control over the lesson. The level of interactivity by the learner is very high. This level will have rich multimedia assets like custom videos, 3D animated. It consists of Interactive scenario-driven challenges and quests.

  • Tier 05 – Diamond

    This level contains the highest degree of interactivity; Extensive branching (four or more levels). Sophisticated Interactivities and games that engage and inform the learner. Synchronized audio & screen x case studies, originating content from "scratch" software simulation branching variable learner feedback simple game mechanics (meter, scoring), passive mobile, green screen, simplified 3-D, more variable animations immersive learning, green screen learner coach, gamification avatars, advanced 3-D learning portals, API integration, VR/AR, 360 video, interactive off-line mobile, motion graphics, broadcast quality, studio learning, experience multi-channel assets, performance apps.